Professional & Managed Technologies

Comprehensive portfolio of services, spanning across On-Premises & Cloud


Bridge personnel & expertise gaps with jointly-merged solutions

ERP Solutions Oracle E-Business Suit & SAP

Database solutions

Middleware & Identity management solutions

Oracle Engineered Systems (Exadata & ZDLRA)

Infrastructure & Hardware solutions

Replication Products Oracle GoldenGate, Kafka Streams, Replication tools


Wide range of technologies to assist your digital journey

OCI & AWS (PaaS & IaaS)

Oracle Fusion Application

SAP (AWS & Azure)

Cloud at Customer Solutions

Database Cloud Solutions

Hybrid & Multi-cloud Solutions

IaaC (Terraform, CloudFormation)


Data is the new oil, and because we know the urgency of having business insights, we are offering a variety of options in our data technology stack

ETL Talend & Oracle ODI

Data Analytics Solutions

Data Virtualization & Reporting (Oracle BI & Power BI)

Data Management Platform Solutions

Data Lakehouse, Mesh & DataOps

BigData, AutonomousDB & Cloudera

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solutions


By focusing on your needs, we are offering a high-level of customizations & agility by leveraging the following technologies and methodologies

Microservices Architecture

Modern Application Infrastructure Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker

Programming Python, .NET, Java

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, and Non-SQL

Oracle Forms & APEX

API Integrations & Webservice

No-Code & Low-Code development platforms

React Native & Flutter

Ready to digitally transform your business?

10+ years of being client’s of Technology vendors, gave us the advantage to understand exactly how our clients should become first, what our client’s pain points, and what the local market lacks.

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