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Purity IT Company announces the awarding of the strategic framework agreement with Tahakom Company

Purity Information Company announced the signing of a strategic framework agreement with Saudi Technology and Security Comprehensive Control (Tahakkum) to provide end-user computing devices. The agreement extends for three years, during which Purity Information will supply the company with a range of hardware products, technical support, and maintenance support .

Regarding Tahakkum, the Saudi company strives towards achieving public safety and smart mobility with high ambitions and a clear vision. Founded in 2015, Tech Control has become a national company contributing to Saudi Vision 2030 by building and implementing specialized solutions using artificial intelligence technologies to preserve human life in this nation and contribute to creating economic value for the Kingdom. Building on the concept of "smart cities" in Saudi Vision 2030, Tech Control offers strategic solutions aimed at enhancing the quality of life and improving public safety by committing to development and innovation.

On the other hand, at Purity Information, we work to keep pace with the digital transformation in Saudi Arabia, with Saudi hands and expertise at a global level, by localizing the latest global technologies in Saudi enterprises, whether in corporate buildings or in data cloud storages, covering technical infrastructure, application development systems, artificial intelligence, information security, and other services that bridge a significant gap in the market's need for technical expertise that provides digital services efficiently, with quality and unmatched security.

The agreement between the two companies represents a milestone and lays the foundation for a successful partnership that will benefit with our focus on providing supporting services to meet the market's needs and ensure the success of the digital infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

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